Actionable fraud risk plans, fraud control and reporting on investigations, security risks and accounts by senior investigators, risk assessors and forensic accountants

Your investigators, risk assessors and forensic accountants will be pitted against people relying on them to miss something. Working with seasoned professionals who’ve seen it all before, you minimise the risk of anything slipping past you. When you engage us, you’ll see immediately how meticulously we work towards our findings and recommendations. And you’ll be informed every step of the way.
Whether it’s a harassment or bullying investigation, fraud prevention, security for a major event or forensic accounting, we have the experience, qualifications and connections we need to apply a fine-toothed comb. Moreover, as a boutique agency, we’re configured to be responsive to your situation.
Our senior team has helped major corporations in identifying fraud vulnerabilities, as well as showing small cash-based firms how to snap shut the open invitations to fraud in their businesses. Equally, we’ve been instrumental in securing events of state significance and tracing fraud across borders for global organisations
You might be a business owner rightly concerned about the potential for fraud, an HR department that needs a watertight report into an allegation, a CEO alerted to possible cross-border embezzlement or an event organiser concerned about safety. Whatever your brief, you’ll find our team is discreet and our reports are presented plainly but with the steel to be conclusive.
Our reports have been presented in court, where barristers have relied on our expert witnesses to stand behind them.
Whether your report will be used privately or publicly, we won’t leave you with recommendations you can’t implement because they’re unrealistic in the circumstances. Our work is designed to protect you and your business, not to cover us. Findings will be fair and accurate. Recommendations will be feasible in your circumstances.


If you need insight and advice that is comprehensive, actionable and proportionate to your circumstances, contact us.