Jonathan Alt

MBA, B Inv

Jonathan’s drive for excellence in investigation has kept him on a path of perpetual development. He has an MBA, a master’s degree in fraud and financial crime, a bachelor’s degree in investigations, and multiple diplomas in areas ranging from health and safety to security and risk management. On top of his breadth of formal qualifications and years of running complex police investigations, Jonathan has consulted extensively to government and business on complex, sensitive and multifaceted matters.
Over his career, Jonathan has run investigations into serious workplace breaches, fraud and money laundering, cross-jurisdictional and transnational crime, corruption and corporate crises such as extortion and kidnapping. In the area of security, Jonathan has led integrated security management planning and operations for matters of state significance, festivals, celebrations, sporting events and concert events. His role has encompassed ensuring public order and safety, protecting assets, and responding to specific threats and trends.
As you would expect from someone of his background, Jonathan is able to build relationships at all levels of an organisation without compromising his willingness to ask challenging questions.

Dr Anna Kurtovic

PhD, MCom, BCom, CA, CFE

Anna is a certified fraud examiner with a PhD in accounting, and qualifications in advanced investigation and interviewing techniques. She has applied these skills to an extensive range of cases. Her expert witness reports and her testimony are relied on frequently in family, civil and criminal courts.
At the University of Wollongong, Anna was key to designing the world’s first Master of Forensic Accounting degree. As a lecturer at the university’s Centre for Transnational Crime Prevention, she taught postgraduate skills in financial investigation to professionals already working in the field.
Anna has seen for herself that fraud can occur in any environment. As an external forensic accountant, she has provided forensic accounting services to the public sector and to businesses ranging from SMEs to large multinational corporations.
Anna specialises in investigative interviewing, detecting deception and criminal profiling. These are skills she teaches around the world in tailored training programs for businesses, law enforcement, prosecutors and government investigators.
She is currently deepening her skills with training and study into forensic accounting, fraud examination, criminal profiling and micro expressions.

Michael Symons

MBA, LLB (Hons), CFE

Michael is the former executive director of the investigation division of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption, and a former chief superintendent with the South Australian police. In the police, Michael headed units focused on homicides, abductions, terrorism, organised crime, and corruption, including local government corruption.
Michael specialises in investigations, probity audits, compliance reviews and training. This work has taken him across Australia and overseas, including for APEC, the United Nations and governments needing advice on preventing fraud and corruption.
Michael is a qualified lawyer, a certified fraud examiner and an internationally accredited compliance expert.


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